Jazznet was formed in 1996 in Nashville, Tenn with Donnie Hatcher, Jerome Davis, and Martavius Jones. The first event was held downtown at the Nashville Convention center with over 300 attendees. Jazznet partners have always had the spirit of growth in mind, and Jazz music brought out the best people. That recipe spelled growth, longevity, and crowds with over 1000 patrons. The vendors’ testimonies are our driving force till this day. Jazznet crossed over to Birmingham, Alabama in 2010 with new partners, Donnie Hatcher, Donald Mack, Darryl Johnson, Kathy Patterson, and Martice Wiley.


What Are We About?

Jazznet Birmingham is a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs and business people to get together and network with the community. The purpose of this event is to promote economic development through increased exposure for businesses. Business professionals will gather and disseminate information about their product or service to other businesses and the general public.

Jazznet will be one of Birmingham’s most premier networking events featuring the cities most unique business professionals. Jazznet will attract the utmost and highly regarded business professionals in the Birmingham metropolitan area! We encourage you to bring plenty of business cards for prizes and networking. Come join us with lots of other business professionals in one luxurious location while listening to the sweet sounds of jazz.



Donnie Hatcher Jr, Donald Mack, Kathy Oliver Patterson, and Darryl Johnson introduced the concept of Jazznet to Birmingham on October 15, 2010 with approximately 300 people and 19 sponsors at the Highland Conference Center. Music was provided by OVERFLOE which created the perfect networking environment. We hope you share our enthusiasm for our future dynamic and diverse social networking events. Each calendar quarter, businesses will gather at Jazznet for an evening of socializing and networking in a sophisticated atmosphere, accompanied by live jazz entertainment. Entertainment will include some of Birmingham’s Hottest Jazz artists.

Whether you are a musician, doctor, insurance agent, online merchant, caterer, manufacturer, candlestick-maker, salesperson, personal trainer, attorney, financial advisor, etc., this is the perfect event to grow your business. Come network with positive business people and promote your business to a variety of audiences.


Meet the people that make it all happen.